Horlicks Growth Plus - Nutrients for Height Gain - Vanilla - 400g

Horlicks Growth Plus - Nutrients for Height Gain - Vanilla - 400g

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Item Weight400 Grams
Item FormPowder
Diet TypeVegetarian

About this item

  • Optimal Bone Growth: Horlicks Growth Plus contains Arginine which supports your child's growth by enhancing growth plate activation in your child's bones and helps them gain height
  • Healthy Weight Gain: Horlicks growth plus is clinically proven** to help in healthy weight gain without causing obesity. Also Horlicks Growth Plus contains lower added sugar*
  • Supports Strong Immune System: Horlicks Growth Plus contains immuno-nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, D, Iron and Zinc which helps strengthen your child's immune system
  • Highest Protein: Horlicks Growth Plus contains >60% higher# Protein than other brands of toddler nutrition and is rich in high-quality Whey Protein which helps in your child's growth
  • Horlicks Growth Plus contains 100% of your child's daily requirement of Protein as well as Arginine and other growth-promoting nutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin D that support optimal bone growth